This is our story.

We are a group of teenagers learning the realities of our world.  Over the course of several months we have embarked on weekend fundraisers. We have done yard sales from donated items.

Feed2Succeed is a recognized club at our high school. From the start-up core members of four, we are now 35-member strong.

Our vision is to feed more elementary schools with children who are identified by Vigan Rotary Club needing to be fed daily snacks and lunch on schooldays. Our vision is to sustain them from a malnourished condition to at least above the 50th percentile of the pediatric growth chart. We have a dream, and our dream is to reach out to as many malnourished children as we possibly can during our lifetime.

We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start giving. There comes a time when we heed a certain call, there are people dying and it’s time to lend a hand to life, the greatest gift of all. There is a choice we are making, we’re saving our own lives, it’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me
— We are the World, song by Michael Jackson