This is our story.

We are a group of teenagers learning the realities of our world.  In our first several months, we have embarked on weekend fundraisers. We did yard sales from donated items and bake sales of boba and filipino snacks. For our small club, we found people were moved by our mission… For kids. By kids. With the rapid growth in support, we decided to become an official nonprofit.

Now, Feed2Succeed is an official 501(c)3 nonprofit run entirely by teenagers. From a group of three LA girls supporting a few students, we have grown to be an international community of young philanthropists helping hundreds of elementary students and sponsoring 12 high school students.

Our vision is to feed more elementary schools and high schools with children who are identified by Vigan Rotary Club needing to be fed daily snacks and lunch on schooldays. Our vision is to sustain them from a malnourished condition to at least above the 50th percentile of the pediatric growth chart. We have a dream, and our dream is to reach out to as many malnourished children as we possibly can during our lifetime.